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First make the mayonnaise and leave it to warm for ten minutes, then mix it with the rest of the ingredients.

Make a good dough, beat the table a few times and then let it rise.

Meanwhile, prepare the apples, clean them, remove the box with seeds, cut them into small cubes, mix them with the sugar and then cinnamon and vanilla and put them on the fire to soften them. If they are juicy, add a few tablespoons of semolina.

We spread the sheet as in the image, we cut it on the edges and then we place the apples.

We close our pet strip by strip. We also put the eyebrows from the piece of dough that we cut when we straighten the dough.

We also put the legs in the dough, the eyes I put in goji berry can be put in raisins, then grease with beaten egg and bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 25 minutes ... it's delicious, the next day is the same soft and tasty! And it's so funny ....

Crocodile Dundee (1986)

Movie Plot:
The film tells the story of Michael Crocodile Dundee, a man from Australia who organized safari expeditions and had just survived a crocodile attack, but also the story of a young woman from New York who came to Australia to report on the famous survivor.

After a few very interesting days, the young woman invites Mick to New York for a short vacation, we can imagine what reaction she will have and in what situations this man who has lived all his life in the wild will enter.

Release Date: September 26, 1986
Movie Duration: 93 min

Paul Hogan & # 8230Michael J. & # 8216Crocodile & # 8217 Dundee
Linda Kozlowski & # 8230Sue Charlton
John Meillon & # 8230Walter Reilly
David Gulpilil & # 8230Neville Bell
Ritchie Singer & # 8230Con
Maggie Blinco & # 8230Ida
Steve Rackman & # 8230So
Gerry Skilton & # 8230Nugget
Terry Gill & # 8230Duffy
Peter Turnbull & # 8230Trevor

Only two years of life

The British from made a foray into the world of those addicted to this drug invented in Russia ten years ago. The pictures are shocking. The drug & # 8222krokodil & # 8221 (that's what the Russians call it and that's the name & # 8222official & # 8221) is considered the most dangerous in the world.

This is what a & # 8222 crocodile drug addiction looks like # 8221 PHOTO: youtube capture

It can be made in your own kitchen from a mix of easy-to-buy items and has an effect similar to that of heroin. This drug has also become very popular in the UK, where many people have been found with horrible injuries caused after injecting this drug.

Doctors have estimated that the life expectancy of a drug addict is only two years. Simon Cotton, a professor at the University of Birmimgham, explained why this drug has such horrible and visible effects.

& # 8222Krokodil can be made very easy. It takes a maximum of one hour. The problem is that the drug is not purified. Those who make it, inject it so raw.

That means people are not just injecting their drug, but the whole raw product, which is causing these side effects: thrombosis, gangrene, abscesses, scaly skin, which first turns dark green, then black, like a crocodile, 'he said. teacher.

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A bright girl, Lorraine won a boarding school scholarship before being ‘spotted’ at 16 by a modeling scout. She worked all over the world and became the first black British model to grace the cover of American Elle, but modeling has a short shelf life and as she approached her 30s she realized she had to find a new career.

She read a self-help book called What Color Is Your Parachute? that suggested writing down everything you might like to make a career out of. ‘I like interiors, so I did a course on that. I love cars, so I took a job as a mechanic. Then I went to cookery school and loved it so I did a year-long course and then began a degree in Culinary Arts. ’

A bright girl, Lorraine won a boarding school scholarship before being spotted at 16 by a modeling scout

She put her studies on hold to start her own bakery, Ella’s, named after her 17-year-old daughter, from a brief marriage to Polish musician Count Kaz Balinski-Jundzill, and finally got her degree two years ago.

It didn’t take long for TV to find her and in the past three years her BBC shows Home Cooking Made Easy, Baking Made Easy and Fast, Fresh & Easy Food have been huge ratings hits.

Now she’s branching out into talent show territory with a new program on Sky Living, My Kitchen Rules.

Six pairs of amateur cooks from across Britain and Ireland are given a day to create an ‘instant restaurant’ in their home town and cook a three-course meal for the other five pairs, as well as Lorraine and Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton.

After each course the contestants are awarded marks by Lorraine, Jason and the other five couples. When each pair has hosted, the duo with the lowest score leaves and the rest move on to the tougher semi-final challenges.

While the focus is on the cooking, Lorraine says the fascinating thing is how the pressure affects those taking part. ‘There are tantrums, arguments and walkouts, and that’s just me and Jason,’ she laughs. ‘We did have a few contestants who ended up saying they didn’t want to cook with each other.

‘The couples are interesting there’s one married couple, only they’re not married to each other and you wonder what’s going on there. There are two neighbors with quite a caustic relationship, and two young girls, best friends, who produce the most brilliant food. ’

And Lorraine and Jason didn’t always see eye to eye. ‘We have different ways of going about things, which can cause friction,’ she says. ‘He has a habit of saying,“ You’re wrong ”and he kept mentioning his Michelin stars. I’d be proud of them too, but I’ve written four books and been classically trained, so I stand my ground. ’


Lapsang Souchong is a black tea from Fujian Province, China and is considered one of the most flavorful teas.

Although it comes from the lower leaves of the tea plant, Lapsang Souchong is classified as the finest tea. Compared to other black teas, the oxidation period is relatively long. The leaves of Lapsang Souchong tea are first dried on pine or cedar wood, then oxidized and finally dried again in bamboo baskets placed on spruce or pine fire. The resulting aroma is generally described as "fumée", sometimes "woody", and the liqueur has a red-copper color.

Our Lapsang Souchong Crocodile tea is a "semi-smoked" tea, so less smoked. It can be tasted "nature" or with a "brunch". It is also widely used in various recipes in the kitchen.

A very simple recipe: Dorada à la plancha (electric plate). Sprinkle over the washed and dried fish tea leaves, let the fish soak for about 30 minutes, then put it on the plate. When serving, depending on taste, you can leave or remove the tea leaves.

Video: Krokodil (September 2022).


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