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Walnut cream cake

Walnut cream cake

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Rock: separate the yolks from the egg whites, beat the egg whites with the baking powder until it becomes a hard foam, gradually add the sugar that must be beaten well, add the yolks and beat with the mixer and add the flour gradually. and leave until it passes the toothpick test.

Cream: boil 1 liter of milk, and with the other half liter together with flour and cocoa we make the composition (which must be added over a liter of milk after boiling) mix well to avoid donuts and add 300 g of sugar.

When the liter of milk boils, pour the composition and leave it on the fire until it thickens. a spoonful of the butter and sugar composition, the same until you finish both compositions, and at the end add the walnuts gradually. ***

When mixing the compositions, mix only in one part so that it does not cut!

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