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Giant feathers Amaliatta

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Boil the pasta in plenty of salted water and a little oil, so that it does not stick, for 8 minutes (it must remain strong enough to fill them).

Meanwhile, turn on the oven. Cut the cheese into sticks and roll one into a slice of muscle. Beat the eggs with sour cream, milk and spices. Take the pasta out of a strainer and wash it under running cold water.

Pour the oil into a heat-resistant dish. Fill each piece of pasta with the rolled cheese and place it in the bowl. After the first layer, pour 1/3 of the amount of beaten egg and continue until the ingredients are exhausted, taking care to finish with beaten egg, over which you add grated cheese.

Bake for 30 minutes. Serve immediately, with a lot of love.

Good appetite!

Puff pastry recipes

Ideal wrapper of savory cakes stuffed with vegetables, tuna or ham, puff pastry is also essential for making vol-au-vent, canapés, rustic meat stuffing. Among the desserts, on the other hand, we can mention the fans and cannoli filled with cream, yarrow and diplomats. Puff pastry is a very demanding basic preparation to make, so much so that we often prefer to use the ready-frozen one. Here is a simplified version, especially in the folding system. Compared to the traditional recipe, the quick puff pastry allows you to significantly reduce rest times, however obtaining a respectable result

, ingredients, times and methods of preparation of our delicious recipes with puff pastry 3 Easy, fast and tasty puff pastry recipes ideal to serve as a main course and in birthday buffets. In this video I grouped 3 videos re ..

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  1. uti.
  2. 12-Mar-2018 - Explore the creation board with sweet and savory puff pastry by Chiara Canonici on Pinterest. View more ideas about Recipes, Puff Pastry, Cooking Recipes
  3. Puff pastry, with its delicate taste and fragrant and crunchy texture, is a versatile dough, widely used in cooking as a base for desserts, pastries, pastries but also appetizers, second courses and delicious savory cakes.
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  5. Recipes with PasteBrowse. In this section you will find tips, advice and indications of appetizing recipes with pastebrowse to create Appetizers, Single Dishes, Main courses. Find out now how to make recipes with pastebrowse tasty and healthy, perfect for your dinners in company or your lunches in the office. Silver Spoon offers you many original ideas, easy and fast from.
  6. Sprinkle the worktop with granulated sugar or cane sugar and place it on top of the rectangular pastry. Sprinkle with more sugar and roll, only on one side, reaching the middle of the rectangle. Do the same on the other side and lightly press the two rolls against each other, to make them adhere well to each other.

The recipe for puff pastry with photos, ingredients and many curiosities on http: // / recipe / puff pastry / Subscribe to the channel https: //www.youtu .. Puff pastry recipes, list of recipes with puff pastry, all cooking recipes with puff pastry

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To prepare the savory cake with mixed vegetables you will need a roll of puff pastry. Take it and keep it aside on the work table, then dedicate yourself to preparing the stuffing. Take a bowl and put the Certosa Light Galbani in it, then add the eggs, grated Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. of extra virgin olive oil, fresh oregano, garlic and salt to taste. Bake at 200 ° C for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, separately, cut the tomato into cubes, chop the spinach with your hands

3 Salty recipes with puff pastry - YouTub

puff pastry recipes Page 1 of 1. You may also be interested in: blender recipes, rosehip pasta, search for recipes, light chicken recipes, 100 gordon ramsey recipes. Puff pastry is a product with a neutral taste to always keep in the fridge, for delicious sweet or savory recipes! Pastry Puff Pastry Puff pastry is a typical basic preparation used in confectionery to make many cakes and savory cakes. 247 4. 2-Jun-2020 - Explore Mariana Mlesnita's browsing board on Pinterest. See more ideas about Puff Pastry, Puff Pastry, Recipes with Puff Pastry Roll out the puff pastry, place it in a pan lined with parchment paper and place the ricotta and spinach filling in the center of the puff pastry. Close the puff pastry in a wallet and brush the surface with a little milk. Bake the salted cake at 180 ° C in an already hot oven and bake for about 20 minutes Pizzas, yarrows, rustic cakes, girelle and saccottini: with puff pastry you can prepare authentic delicacies in a flash! For a birthday party, an aperitif or a snack.

CUCINARECONALINA: Puff pastry with meat (Pies with

  1. ute, that depends on the oven, I kept it for 30
  2. Pear baskets Add to favorites stefania 14/10/2010 at 09:32 Very beautiful puff pastry with that curl and the recipe is delicious, hello Answer Lory 14 Steaks and Garnishes Recipes with Pasta and Pizza Cake Recipes.
  3. cia with the loaf putting 150 g of flour in the fountain and 500 g of butter in the center
  4. uti you will have easy and delicious appetizers, main courses and desserts

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  • Recipe Cake with Puff Pastry and Diploma Cream from Cookbook, Sweets. Specific Romania. How to make Puff Pastry Cake and Diploma Cream
  • Roll out the puff pastry, brush with oil, stuff with broccoli and close the strudel-shaped puff pastry. Brush the strudel with the beaten egg and place the sesame seeds. Cut the strudel into pieces. Cooking recipes with Laura Sava
  • The pasta alla zozzona combines the best of the three basic recipes of Roman cuisine: carbonara, amatriciana and cheese and pepper in a single delicious dish! 13 4,
  • Recipe Cornulete with Shit and Pasta Sfoglia from Cookbook, Sweets. Specific Romania. How to make Cornulete with Shit and Puff Pastry
  • Make your desserts or savory cakes even better with homemade puff pastry. Here you will find the recipe explained step by step and thanks to the video tutorial (at the bottom of the page) you can review the most complex steps as many times as you want.

Rolls with tuna paste Small quick appetizers that can be prepared in just a few minutes and that can delight festive meals. If the appetizer table is rich and varied, then you can be sure that the party is a success! Shortcrust pastry is one of the simplest doughs and is the basis of the pastry of many culinary traditions: easier to make than puff pastry, it can be used to make delicious sweet and tasty savory dishes. For its preparation it is enough to mix flour together. 1 puff pastry recipe, cream cheese, ham 2 puff pastry recipe, sausages 3 puff pastry recipe, cream cheese, pumpkin and turkey breast Enjoy !! 1 recipe- puff pastry, cream of. Ingredients: 200gr. Of broccoli 200gr. Of sausage 200gr. Of ricotta 120gr. Of potatoes 1 roll of puff pastry 1 egg yolk 1 walnut butter salt pepper. Broccoli format with béchamel sauce (61 votes), (9), (407) Easy main course 10 min 10 min Indian recipe: chicken with coconut and spices-easy and quick recipe-500g chicken breast. 2 tablespoons oil (sunflower or soy) 200ml coconut milk (canned) 1 small apple. lemon juice (6-7 tablespoons) a little flour (I used rice flour) spices: curry: 1 teaspoon and ½. turmeric: a teaspoon tip. ginger: a teaspoon tip

Ingredients for 6 people: 1 roll of puff pastry, 4 small potatoes, 200g mushrooms, 1 leek, 3 eggs, 100g grated cheese, 50g thinly sliced ​​bacon, 1 cup milk, oil, salt Preparation: Peel, cut into cubes and boil the potatoes Sprinkled with sesame seeds. Put them in the hot oven and bake for approx. 15 minutes, until nicely browned. Open the puff pastry, grate the cheese on the surface, place the bacon and start to form a roll of puff pastry asparagus (a few threads) 150 gr cooked ham 100 gr tuma cheese 3 eggs + 1 to grease the edges of the pastry 150 ml cream Plum dumplings, Laura Laurentiu mieleevaniglia recipe. Carrot and Almond Cakes Without Butter and Sugar. A basket of cherries

-mix eggs with sugar, salt powder and oil, then add milk, vanillin and ammonia quenched with vinegar, and at the end gradually add flour until you get a dough easy to handle, non-sticky.-Divide the dough into 2 parts, one larger for the base and a smaller one for the coating Ingredients for the puff pastry: 1 packet of phylo * o pasta (400 g flour OO, 180 I prepared the pie sheets according to the recipe in parentheses we make a dough that we leave to rise for at least 30 minutes covered with a saucepan that I warmed a little on It is a kind of cream with apples and puff pastry you created from phylo pasta! Imi. The best recipes with shortcrust pastry. both in terms of making sweet recipes, such as cakes, tarts and cookies, and savory, such as rustic, tartlets, baskets, etc .. Despite the many possible uses, shortcrust pastry is very easy to make and does not involve the use of too ppi ingredients, but of. First, second and contour together. A unique dish as simple as it is complete and genuine. First, dry the courgettes in a frying pan with a drizzle of oil, then cook the pasta and cream it together with the beaten egg, pecorino cheese and salted ricotta. The shortcrust pastry is the basic preparation of many traditional desserts. Tarts, stuffed cakes, Neapolitan pastry, cookies, small pastries and savory variants can not do without this fragrant combination of simple ingredients that pervades with its scent the house of those who bake it and satisfies the palate of those who taste it .. We have then collected ten cake recipes that.

Read the recipe in Italian Read the recipe in italian Pastry rolls, made of tender puff pastry dough and filled with simple vanilla cream. The puff pastry used in this recipe is a simplified version of the classic dough. In the sense that we shortened the stretching / folding process and shortened the number of refrigeration cooling. D Recipe Cornulete fragede cu gem din category Aluaturi si Foietaje Recipes Romanian Foods Sweet Christmas Cakes Soul Food Recipes Of Sweet Cakes Recipes With Puff Pastry Cookies Salted Cakes More information. Simple puff pastry - Aperitif cu gust de pizza _ Angela's Menu - foietaje by neifile30 in Types & gt Recipes / Menu

I apologize for the break on the site with the posting of recipes, I had a small and well-deserved vacation :) And today being the first day of work, I said to show you a simpler recipe, as I do not have much fuel, although impressions and recipes I brought a lot with me - I can't wait to show them to you and use them. I put a roll of puff pastry already spread in the pan. I peeled 2 large zucchini and cut them into cubes, mixed with 5 eggs, 200 gr spreadable cheese and 100 gr gorgonzola _ I peeled 2 large hard zucchini and cut the pieces by mixing them with 5 eggs, 200 gr of cheese philadelphia and 100 gr of. Ingredients: 1 roll of puff pastry (rectangular better), 300g minced meat (veal), 1/2 onion, 1/2 carrot .. A blog with recipes, simple recipes available to anyone, quick recipes, easy recipes, tortures and cakes. Recipes Easter Gastronomy Noodles Kitchen Pastry Products Italian Meals Bon Appetit Lasagna. Salty puff pastry and vegetables.

Salty cakes with puff pastry: the 10 best recipes

The salted eggplant cake is a tasty rustic puff pastry cake stuffed with layers of eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes, scamorza and parmesan cheese. 135 4.3 Very easy 60 min Kcal 474 READ RECIPE. Salted cakes Zucchini salted cake Zucchini salted cake is a dish. We spread the puff pastry and with a pastry knife we ​​cut strips 1 centimeter wide. In a muffin tray we start to form the baskets. We place a strip to form the top of the basket, then we start to place from one side to another strip in such a way that it forms the shape of the basket, glue the ends of the strips on top, grease with a little oil and bake fast fire We put them in the tray lined with baking paper. We beat an egg, and with it we grease the pies on top. Put the tray in the oven at a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius. They will be ready in a short time, in 15-20 minutes, they must be golden, brown on top. Puff pastry appetizers with puff pastry liver Rustici puff pastry stuffed perfect for Buffet and Aperitif (Quick recipe) A blog with recipes, simple recipes and available to anyone, quick recipes, light recipes, cakes and cakes. Tapas Pasta Mozzarella Appetizers Food Snacks Salads Main Dishes Pizza

Puff Pastry Recipe - The Yellow Zafferan Recipe

  1. Because we still have 2 days of contest sponsored with Tupperware products, I said to post today and tomorrow 2 recipes prepared very easily and beautifully with their magic utensils. Today's recipe is for Tupperware croissants prepared with a shape for cutting croissants (8 and 16 croissants), the recipe is very simple but the way to cut croissants is interactive and beautiful, the shape is called Croissant.
  2. 06.06.2020 - Explore mariaraiu8's board Aperitive on Pinterest. See more ideas about Appetizers, Food, Recipes
  3. For the pasta I made the usual Bimby wine pasta, replacing 100 gr of flour with 100 gr of bread mixture with Lidl cereals. gr of bread mixture with cereals from Lid
  4. 18-Oct-2018 - Explore the board Salted cake, omelette, chec aperitiv 2 by ghiulvesi, followed by 218 people on Pinterest. View more ideas about Food Ideas, Recipes, Cooking Recipes
  5. Pasta with pea sauce Pasta alla carbonara Pasta with meatballs in tomato sauce Pasta with mushrooms / Mushroom penne Pasta with baked cauliflower / Pasta with baked cauliflower Pasta with zucchini / Conchigliette con zucchini Pasta with raw sauce and cheese / Pasta with gravy raw and cheese Pasta cu vinete / Pasta with aubergines Pennete alla mediterrane

Culinary recipe Aperitif martyrs from puff pastry from the category Appetizers / Garnishes. I took the dough out of the freezer a few hours earlier. Bean paste with caramelized onion sauce. 25 22 1. de Bucataras 6. Red loboda soup - Video recipe. 29 23 1 Apple Tart is a timeless dessert, perfect for breakfast, snack or at the end of a meal. Discover the recipe explained step by step with photos of the process. Tie up your apron and bring the timeless dessert with an unmistakable scent to the table

Pasta with zucchini? It is a real must of Italian cuisine! It is one of those dishes that are always good, in any season and for any circumstance, it can be prepared in a simple way, with only zucchini or by adding other ingredients such as meat, fish, eggs or cheese: a simple pasta with zucchini can be transformed like this in a tasty special recipe that at the table. Recipes with pasta brisée: all the news you can't miss. Discover many articles and insights related to the topic Recipes with pasta brisée on Preparation How to make the typical Romanian sweet Cozonac. Pour the flour into a container, add the dissolved yeast with a teaspoon of sugar, eggs (previously mixed), a pinch of salt, sugar, rum and grated lemon peel A blog with recipes, simple recipes if you handy for everyone, quick recipes, easy recipes, cakes and cakes. Serving baskets of puff pastry made with your own hands and having fun stuffing them in a thousand flavors is a delicious and delicious idea. Last Friday I had some pork mussels in foietaj and figs with parfum de rozmarin - Pork fillet in paste browse and rosemary figs Cotlet de porc with sage and wine - Pork chops with sage and wine Carne de porc with baked potatoes and onions - Baked pork slices, tasty and morbid

Place each slice of puff pastry in the mold (removing the baking paper), using your fingers to crush the dough so as to distribute the dough evenly and evenly, adapting it to the mold without sticking out the edges. Puff pastry cake recipe with cream and cherries 10.11.2016 - This Pin was discovered by Liliana and Viorel. Discover (and save!) Your own Pins on Pinteres

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Puff pastry-pizzas. Comment through Facebook. We recommend it. Biscuits and cookies. Meringue cookies. Cake Recipes October 12, 2017. Fruit salad with mascarpone. Salads December 29, 2019. Unbaked cake with biscuit top and lemon cream. Cake Recipes 19 November,. Chicken offal meatball in puff pastry crust Hello good friends! Today I present a traditional dish of Romanian cuisine, which is served as an appetizer for Easter lunch. The traditional recipe calls for it to be made with lamb offal, and as I am not a lover of this type of meat, I I chose the lighter variant With the advanced puff pastry, I tried to make other shapes, such as this braid: Multumesc de vizita pe blogul meu! and you have a very nice blog with good recipes. including the Macarons recipe, I really like it! Congratulations and a pleasant evening! Reply Delete. Answers. Answer And my recipe is good: 400 gr minced meat (pork / beef mixture) fried a little together with a chopped onion. Leave to cool and then add a bunch of green onions (a lot) chopped, dill and parsley (a lot), 100 gr grated cheese, a tablespoon of tomato paste, salt, pepper, 8 raw eggs

Recipes with puff pastry: 10 ideas - La Cucina Italian

  1. Pie recipe with yogurt and raisins, simple and quick recipe, traditional recipe with commercial pie sheets. Written and video recipe. Skip to content. Recipe (A-Z) (Puff pastry)? Gina Bradea. May 29, 2015 at 3:54 am Reply. Yes, you can use puff pastry. Filo pasta is hard to find, I found it at Familla, Auchan and an Indian store
  2. Fasting recipes. Find out the best fasting recipes. With the help of these recipes you can cook easily and tasty during Lent. Visit the widest range of fasting recipes
  3. 1 hour 40

The apple strudel with puff pastry is the sweetest, quickest and most delicious version of the most classic strudel, dedicated to those who are still a beginner in the kitchen. If you are planning an imported dinner, do not be afraid, this recipe is perfect and the success is guaranteed by small and clever measures worthy of a great pastry chef: quality apples and precise cooking times Ingredient for blat: 5 eggs, 125 g sugar tos , 1 sachet of vanilla sugar, 1 pinch of salt, 125 g white flour. Ingredients for caramel: 200 g caster sugar. Other ingredients: 50 g butter, 1 kg apples. Preparation: Start by caramelizing the sugar. In a non-stick pan with a diameter of 25 cm, put the melted sugar on low heat (without water) and mix it carefully until it melts. LEAF PIZZA with zucchini potatoes and bacon easy and fast recipe with puff pastry, you don't need to cook the vegetables first and it's delicious! Potatoes Chicken Meal Celery salad with carrots and mayonnaise - Forum Culinary Discussions - Community, Recipes, Pictures, Tip Cauliflower Pasta - Cauliflower Pasta from the last eight recipes posted, as many as six are pasta! Today a simple simple pasta, which my father-in-law taught me, many years ago

Homemade puff pastry, for sweet and savory recipes

Page 1 of 2 - Eggplant quiche - posted in Recipes in pictures: The recipe I took from HEREWe need: tart dough (broken pasta) 2 eggs100 ml sour cream70 ml milk2 suitable eggplants20 gr parmesan cheese pepper150 gr smoked scamorza You can put smoked cheese Apple roses and puff pastry Ingredients For 6 roses: 1 roll of ready-made puff pastry rectangular 2 apples 2-3 tablespoons sugar a nut of butter juice of 1 lemon cinnamon powder 1 tablespoon raisins (optional) Cut the apples in half, deprive them of the torso and cut them into thin slices with a knife or mandolin 10-Aug-2020 - Explore Violeta Gigolie's Dolci bulletin board, followed by 206 people on Pinterest View more ideas about Dolci, Recipes, Recipes dolci 11-Jul-2018 - Explore Matei Lucia's Recipes to Try Wall on Pinterest View more ideas about Recipes, Sweets, Romanian Sweets

Easy and fast puff pastry recipes - Misya

5-Dec-2018 - These puff pastry pizzas are the same as those bought at the market or bakery. Ingredients for 28 pizzas: 1 roll of rectangular puff pastry Pasta with swordfish and cherry tomatoes is a simple and delicious first course of the sea. A dish full of taste and aroma suitable for all seasons. An express condiment that is prepared in a very short time and is also perfect for a large dinner

Puff Pastry: Ideas for Salty, Fast and Tasty Recipes

Apple strudel with puff pastry (quick variation) If you do not want to make strudel pasta, you can use 1 roll of rectangular puff pastry as a shell and 1/2 dose of filling. For the realization, follow all the instructions step by step Dragii mei, it must be presented today or an indispensable recipe in kitchens. A classic homemade puff pastry recipe, with butter, delicious and not very difficult to make. I have seen that more and more people avoid making puff pastry at home. tau. I tried many recipes and they all turned out super well. Congratulations for your work and how many recipes you have. Q. Would I have a question if I can use puff pastry or brisè pasta instead of puff pastry? Multumesc If you want to try to prepare a really tasty first course, there is nothing better than opting for lasagna with bacon and radicchio. This is an easy recipe to process that takes little time and only a few ingredients. In this regard, here is a guide on how to proceed Tasty Cakes, Fasting Recipes, 1001 Fasting Recipes, Time Solves Everything, Zaharia Florin Photo & Video Services, Quotes, Music and Nature.

Puff pastry recipes: ideas for simple dishes and

CHICKEN BREAD PILLOWS IN CRISPY CRUST, real homemade CHICKEN NUGGETS! They would be wonderful at lunch, along with a salad and a light sauce, and .. Pepper Paste - Paprikakrem

Adyghe cheese

This soft white cheese is made from whole pasteurized milk, has a fresh aroma, a mild milk flavor. Adyghe cheese is great for fresh vegetable salads.

In Adyghes, overweight is considered a bad form, the mountain girls are all with thin waists, men with a tight muscular torso. It is no wonder that with such traditions people must necessarily have a useful and tasty cheese. Adyghe cheese is ideal for maintaining health under the condition of a balanced diet and physical activity.

Anyone who has ever experienced Adyghe cheese has noticed its resemblance to the Mediterranean holiday. Adyghe cheese is actually very similar to fetus, but differently it is less salty and easier to prepare. Adyghe cheese is fresh, it is eaten immediately after cooking, it is perfectly combined with fresh vegetables and herbs, but it can be smoked or fried. Freshness, good and easy cooking - this is what determines the essence of Adyghe cheese.

History of Adyghe cheese

According to legend, the secret of cooking cheese was given to the young by the Amish god, patron saint of domestic animals. The girl saved a herd of animals in a storm and was given the name Adyif, which means "light skin," and the cheese recipe.

Another legend speaks of brave Kuitsyku, whom his mother placed on the path of fresh cheese. In a way, Kuitsyku met the giant Inyzha and deceived him by organizing a contest: the giant disintegrated in his hand stones and squeezed Kuitsyku's cheese head, like a stone from which flowed whey, which the giant took to the water. and found a great strong man Kuitsyku.

The Adyghe cheese in the original is called Matekuaye. This is a word composed of two words: mate - basket and kuaye - cheese.

In Russia, Adyghe cheese became known in the mid-19th century, but the real success dates back to the Soviet era in the 1970s and 1980s. In 1980, Adyghe cheese was delivered to the Moscow Olympics, received colorful packaging and a trademark. In September 2009, Adyghe cheese obtained the product status of a geographical name, and now only Adygea companies have the right to use the name "Adyghe cheese". About a third of all Adyghe cheese goes directly to Moscow and two-thirds are sold in the Southern Federal District. This Adygei cheese can be purchased at the lodges of the largest retail networks in Russia.

Adyghe cheese preparation technology

For Adyghe cheese is taken goat, sheep or cow's milk. The milk is heated to 95 degrees in it for 15-30 minutes, administered whey lactic acid, and is being gradually removed. Raw clots rest for 5 minutes, then remove half the whey. Hot curd is placed in special baskets "bzhele" of thin willow twigs, which are left on the sides of the cheese pretty wavy copy. The cheese is squeezed from the whey and its surface is salty. The finished cheese is eaten fresh for a few days or a week. Modern production due to vacuum packaging allows to extend the shelf life of up to one month.

Benefits of Adyghe Cheese

Useful properties of cheese depend entirely on the quality of the milk. The real Adyghe cheese is made from the milk of special breed cows grazing on Circassian pastures in the Caucasus soup. A long, warm season and clean the soil help to grow a succulent fragrant herb - the ideal food for dairy cows. This region can be compared to Switzerland or northern Italy, famous for its cheese making. It is the quality of the milk that distinguishes the real Adyghe cheese from the same copies made in several regions of Russia and Belarus.

This Adyghe cheese has a high nutritional value due to a good balance of nutrients: a small amount of fat, high quality protein, a unique composition of minerals and vitamins. It has been established that Adyghe cheese proteins are 98% absorbed, which is much higher than the protein assimilation of, say, meat or fish. 100 g of Adyghe cheese contains 16 g of fat, 19 g of protein and 1.5 g of carbohydrates, the energy value of this product is 226 kcal. Almost all essential amino acids are found in Adyghe cheese proteins. 100 g of cheese provides a daily requirement of 88% polyunsaturated fatty acids, 35% essential amino acids and 27% protein. This is a very high rate for cheese, which puts it on an equal footing with the most famous types of cheese and makes the Adyghe product unique, with a high biological value for humans.

Adygeisky cheese rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, D, E, H, PP and minerals: calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iron and copper. Adygei cheese is useful for everyone: pregnant women, children, the elderly, sportsmen and people in need of rehabilitation after a long illness. Cheese is useful for general exhaustion, for better and faster recruitment of muscle mass and will be of interest to those looking not just to lose weight and excess fat is replaced by muscle. Adygei cheese in the diet include nutritional TB rehabilitation patients, it helps restore nutrients spent smoking and men drinking.

Adygea cheese is most useful for women during pregnancy and lactation. It is at this time that the woman’s body spends the calcium reserve and must be constantly replenished. Soft, low-fat Adyghe cheese, especially in combination with fresh herbs and vegetables - is an ideal and simple "refill" for breastfeeding mothers. Athletes especially like Adyghe cheese because of the special quality of its protein, which is quickly absorbed, and the portions are easy to control. It is also important that this cheese contains a small amount of salt.

Researcher Adygeya or Circassian region, Circassians, as was customary to write, NP Tulchin, in his book "Five Peoples of the Kabarda Mountains" in 1903, wrote: "Endurance climbers with all the problems of life is truly amazing. They are up to a certain age. advanced enjoy excellent health, almost never get sick, and most live to a hundred years or more.In the 70-80 years, they still not considered fit to look at them, you can give about 50 years, not a single gray hair, vision, hearing, sharp sharp legs, and salable, white teeth are intact and strong, and so on. Therefore, the elderly are equal to the young in their work. "

It can be safely stated that Adyghe cheese combined with a balanced diet, an abundance in the diet of fresh vegetables and herbs helps to prolong youth and strengthen health.

Recipes with Adyghe cheese

Vegetable salad with Adyghe cheese

Adyghe cheese is so similar to feta that it is quite logical to think of using cheese in fresh vegetable salads. Unlike feta and brynza, Adyghe cheese is almost yeast-free, so you can safely add salted olives, olives, capers or just stronger salt.

2 tomatoes,
1 cucumber,
6 olives,
side of salsa or coriander,
100 g of Adyghe cheese,
2 toasted wheat or rye,
1 clove of garlic,
70 ml of oil,
half a lemon,
pepper, salt - to taste.

Misture o azeite com suco de limão, pimenta e sal. Bata o molho com um garfo para aliviar um pouco.
Prepare torradas, esfregue-as com alho e rasgue as mãos até ficarem quentes.
Pique os verdes.
Corte os legumes, misture com fatias de torradas e azeitonas, acrescente verduras, queijo em cubos e molho. Misture com uma colher em alguns movimentos e coloque em uma saladeira.

Torta com queijo Adyghe

Uma excelente torta de maneiras francesas, mas com um sabor caucasiano. Apenas se preparando e ficando muito gostoso. Quer um pouco complicar o sabor - adicione alho, verduras frescas picadas, um pouco de bacon e pimenta ao recheio. Quer fortalecer o sabor caucasiano - adicione um monte de coentro picado, nozes e meia colher de chá de Adzhika.

2 xícaras de farinha,
125 g de manteiga,
meio copo de creme de leite 20%,
300 g de queijo Adyghe,
50 g de brynza,
1 colher de chá de mostarda seca,
1 colher de sopa. uma colher de ervas provençais.

Acenda o forno, aqueça até 200 graus.
Misture a manteiga macia com creme azedo, peneirado com farinha e mostarda em pó. Sove a massa, sove bem, enrole em uma tigela, cubra com um filme de comida e coloque na geladeira por 15 minutos
Queijo Adyghe e queijo ralar no ralador.
Prepare um plug de 20 cm de largura, envolva-o com pergaminho.
Pegue a massa, pegue mais da metade ou 23, role o tamanho suficiente para ser suficiente para a forma e os lados. Lay out na forma, unha com um garfo, despeje o recheio e pressione-o. Polvilhe com ervas oliva.
Abra o restante da massa, cubra o recheio, proteja as bordas e asse por 40 minutos a 200 graus.

Macarrão com queijo Adyghe

Um prato simples e saboroso, quase restaurante pode ser cozido em casa em apenas 15 minutos. Todos estes produtos podem ser comprados em qualquer supermercado mais próximo.

100 g de queijo Adyghe,
150 g de pasta de penne (penas),
¼ pimentão,
1 cebola,
1 pitada de manjericão seco,
3 colheres de sopa. colheres de sopa de azeite.

Ferva a água (você pode na chaleira elétrica), coloque-o em uma panela (10 minutos).
Pré-aqueça uma frigideira com azeite, frite a cebola picada, adicione o pimentão e manjericão, adicione os cubos de queijo e frite alguns minutos.
Prepare o macarrão em uma frigideira para queijo e legumes, misture, mergulhe um par de minutos e sirva quente.

Torta ossétia com queijo Adyghe

O recheio para a torta da Ossétia pode ser diferente, mas o queijo deve ser obrigatório. Você pode substituir batatas com repolho, cogumelos, berinjela, espinafre, caramelo, cebola ou o que você quiser.

2 xícaras de farinha,
2 xícaras de água,
5 colheres de sopa. colheres de óleo vegetal,
1 colher de sopa. colher de sal,
2 colheres de chá de açúcar,
1 colher de chá de fermento seco ou 15 g.,
2 colheres de chá de lúpulo-suneli,
um grande grupo de ervas (salsa, coentro, endro),
3 batatas,
3 colheres de sopa. colheres de leite,
400 g de queijo Adyghe,
pimenta, sal - a gosto.

Acenda o forno a 240 graus.
Em um copo de água morna, mexa o açúcar e o fermento. Espere até que a espuma apareça (10 minutos).
Farinha peneirar em uma tigela profunda com lados altos. Faça um sulco no centro da farinha, despeje a água com fermento, misture e despeje um copo de água morna comum. Adicione o óleo vegetal e o sal. Sove a massa e deixe em um lugar quente por meia hora.
Ferva as batatas até ficar cozido, mexa, adicione o leite quente, queijo e lúpulo-suneli. Mexa os verdes e adicione ao recheio. Sal.
Bem polonês a superfície com farinha, coloque a massa. A massa a princípio ficará molhada e pegajosa - isso é normal. Lubrifique as mãos com óleo vegetal e divida a massa em duas partes. Amasse cada massa de farinha peça mãos podpylyaya, moldar círculos de massa com um diâmetro de 25-30 cm. No centro de cada círculo estava meio no recheio e enrole suas bordas da massa de pão, tentando beliscar as bordas, como pelmeni.
Pulverize a peça de trabalho com farinha de todos os lados, amasse as bolas cheias com o punho e palmas do meio para as bordas, criando um bolo. Deve obter um bolo de 25-30 cm de diâmetro.
Lubrifique a assadeira com óleo, você pode engraxar o pergaminho com óleo e transferir os bolos para a assadeira. Faça um buraco em cada torta no centro do dedo mínimo. Isso é necessário para sair do vapor. Asse 20-25 minutos na prateleira superior em 240-260 graus. Fique de olho nos últimos 5-7 minutos com cuidado: uma vez bronzeado - as tortas estão prontas.

Você já tentou lasanha? Este é um prato italiano bem conhecido, onde camadas são colocadas para fora o enchimento e folhas de massa, despejou todo o molho e assado no forno. Então, essa é a variante caucasiana da lasanha, apenas o lavash armênio funciona como uma massa aqui. Além disso, que é muito saboroso, este prato também é barato, e você pode diversificar um recheio bem fresco, adicionando verduras, cogumelos, bacon ou outra coisa..

3 lavash armênio,
1 litro de kefir,
3 colheres de sopa. colheres de açucar,
500 g de queijo Adyghe,
80 g de manteiga.

Preaqueça o forno a 180 graus.
Lubrifique a panela para assar com manteiga, coloque uma folha de pão pita para que as bordas se projetem um pouco.
Rasgue o pão pita em pedaços, mergulhe em kefir misturado com açúcar e coloque-o em um molde. Coloque metade do pão pita.
Grelha de queijo em um ralador grande, coloque em uma forma em pedaços de pão pita. No topo, espalhe os pedaços de manteiga.
Pedaços íngremes de pão pita em kefir e colocá-los em cima do recheio. Dobre as bordas projetadas da primeira pita dentro. De cima, havia uma panela redonda inteira, esculpida em forma. Lubrifique toda a superfície com um ovo, cole as bordas da parte superior e as porções curvadas da parte inferior.
Asse por 1 hora a 180 graus. Achma deve ser bronzeado.

Um maravilhoso queijo Adyghe pode ser comido e apenas assim - cortar um prato de legumes frescos, ervas e pão. Este é um excelente lanche, um componente universal de muitos pratos, um depósito de vitaminas e apenas um delicioso queijo.

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