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Grubhub Partners With White Castle Nationwide for Burger Delivery

Grubhub Partners With White Castle Nationwide for Burger Delivery

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The pride and joy of the heartland will now be available nationwide


Grubhub is partnering with the heartland’s favorite burger chain, White Castle, for nationwide delivery. The chain’s famous sliders are already available via the delivery service in Chicago, New York City, St. Louis, Indianapolis, and Detroit, but starting this month Grubhub will be adding 45 more White Castle locations across America to its list.

In a press release for the brand, GrubHub’s chief operating officer, Stan Chia, said "Our orders show that sliders are clearly on the rise, and we're thrilled to deliver more of what our nearly 10 million diners crave." That means Harold and Kumar won’t have to go to White Castle for their sliders, because White Castle can come straight to them.

The delivery services will be in places where Grubhub delivers and White Castle exists. So you can order your White Castle throughout the South, Las Vegas, and more. Craving some White Castle but don’t have the means to Grubhub it just yet? Work up your appetite to get in the car and get some with these 11 sexy slider recipes.

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