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Dessert cheesecake with caramel condensed milk and berries

Dessert cheesecake with caramel condensed milk and berries

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The biscuits are crushed or crushed with the help of the robot.

Meanwhile, melt the butter with the jam.

In a large bowl put the crushed biscuits, melted butter and jam, stirring until you get a sandy dough.

Place the biscuit top in a tray with removable walls, press well with the bottom of a glass, then let cool for approx. 30 minutes.

Put the gelatine in 50 ml of cold water, then heat it up, without reaching the boiling point, then leave it to cool.

Meanwhile, mix the mascarpone cheese, condensed milk, sweet cream and cooled gelatin until a frothy cream is obtained.

Half of the cream obtained is poured over the biscuit top, sprinkle with berries, then the rest of the cream. Leave to cool for approx. 60 minutes, then garnish with berries according to everyone's preference.

Good luck and good luck!

Dessert cheesecake with condensed caramel milk and berries - Recipes

How I missed condensed milk & # 8230 It can be used in various recipes or simply as such in combination with biscotti, muffins or cakes.

And here we found with the help of Maria (I can call her a friend from the online environment) a group of acres we are part of, the solution to prepare condensed milk at home, without rebuking our awareness of the number of calories it has. The original recipe can be found here.

I give you this recipe with great pleasure and I hope you get it ready as soon as possible.

Attack Phase, Cruise (PL, PP), Consolidation, Definitive Stabilization

Nutritional scale - starting Monday


-250 g skimmed milk powder


Powdered milk is placed in a vessel with thicker walls. Gradually pour the water and mix carefully so as not to make lumps.

Add the xylitol and vanilla essence and put the pot on low heat.

Leave it on the fire, stirring constantly so that it does not stick to the walls of the pot until it boils first (it makes a kind of foam). We turn off the heat and take the pot off the stove.

Pour the resulting composition (slightly thickened) into a jar and leave to cool. If it has lumps, use a fine sieve when pouring into the jar and mix with a wooden spoon in the sieve to break the lumps.

After it has cooled, store it in the fridge with the lid on and consume it when you need it.

Be careful, because of the large amount of powdered milk do not abuse the daily consumption of condensed milk.

I can't wait for you to tell me how it turned out and I'm convinced that I will see recipes in many places today.

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